About me

I am a Lecturer at the Vancouver School of Economics of University of British Columbia, BC, Canada. Before joining UBC, I taught economics and finance courses at Simon Fraser University (SFU), British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), and Douglas College. I did my PhD in Finance at the Beedie School of Business of SFU. I have an MA in Economics from SFU and an MA in Financial Economics from York University. I am also a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) charterholder and a certified FRM (Financial Risk Manager).

In some occasions, I train CFA exam candidates in preparing for their exams as the Director of Learning at FinanceTraining.ca. I am also an active researcher working on capital gains taxes, asset pricing, behavioral finance, IPO and SEO underpricing.

Before working in the education industry, I spent several years as Investment Analyst and Consultant at different investment banks, manufacturing firms, and think-tanks such as Fraser Institute and Asian Tiger Capital Partners Ltd. In these positions I worked on venture and private equity valuation, M&A, and writing sector and industry reports while providing sound advice on investment and portfolio management.

I am originally from Bangladesh. During my free times, I play cricket at the British Columbia Mainland Cricket League (BCMCL) for the Bengal Tigers Cricket Club. I enjoy spending a lot of time meeting and talking to my students regarding career and life planning.

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M. Emrul Hasan





Professional Experiences

Personal Cost and Affordability of Auto Insurance in Canada

This study compares the average cost and affordability of automobile insurance premiums in 10 Canadian provinces from 2007 to 2009. The major conclusion is that premium costs in provinces with government auto insurance monopolies tend to be higher than observed in private sector, competitive markets.

Regulation and the Canadian Auto Insurance Market

This study stresses on three major points: First, severe regulation creates high costs for insurers on average. Second, Canadians should ask if the current regulatory environment in the auto insurance industry is working for Canadians? and Third, consumers should be able to choose the insurance they need.

A Condensed Study Guide for Level I CFA Exam (Author: M. Emrul Hasan)

This study guide, authored by M. Emrul Hasan, CFA and published by financetraining.ca, covers the most important and most seen concepts of the Level I CFA exam that can be used as a complementary textbook along with the actual curriculum. Full book can be purchased by contacting financetraining.ca.

Honors and Awards

  • 2016
    President’s PhD Scholarship
    “President’s PhD Scholarship” ($6,500). SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY. 2016
  • 2011-2016
    Graduate Fellowship
    “Graduate Fellowship” ($6,500). SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY. 2016

    “Graduate Fellowship” ($6,250). SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY. 2015

    “Graduate Fellowship” ($6,250). SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY. 2013

    “Graduate Fellowship” ($6,250). SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY. 2011-2012

  • 2012-2015
    Beedie Family Graduate Scholarship
    “Beedie Family Graduate Scholarship”. ($6,500). BEEDIE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS. 2015

    “Beedie Family Graduate Scholarship”. ($12,500). BEEDIE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS. 2014

    “Beedie Family Graduate Scholarship”. ($19,250). BEEDIE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS. 2012-2013

  • 2010-2011
    Pacific Century Graduate Scholarship
    “Pacific Century Graduate Scholarship” ($10,000). SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY. 2010-2011
  • 2007-2008
    “Summa-Cum-Laude” for outstanding academic achievement with GPA 3.94/4.00 in BBA. NORTH SOUTH UNIVERSITY. 2008

    100% tuition fee waiver for academic excellence. NORTH SOUTH UNIVERSITY. 2007

  • 2008-2011
    Outstanding Academic Grades
    GPA: 3.94/4.00 (BBA)

    GPA: 3.60/4.33 (MA in Economics)

    GPA: 8.77/9.00 (MA in Financial Economics)

PhD Research Supervisors

Dr. Peter Klein

Dr. Peter Klein

Academic Director, PhD Program, and Professor of Finance, SFU

Specialization and Research Interests:
Return anomalies, taxation, derivative securities, credit risk; and corporate governance.
Profile Link
Dr. Andrey Pavlov

Dr. Andrey Pavlov

Professor of Finance, SFU

Specialization and Research Interests:
Real estate market modeling for the purpose of MBS pricing and risk management, mortgage prepayment and default analysis, Impact of mortgage lending on real estate property markets
Profile Link
Dr. Amir Rubin

Dr. Amir Rubin

Professor of Finance, SFU

Specialization and Research Interests:
Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Behavioral Finance, Market Microstructure, Social Responsibility.
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